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    COORD coord={0,0}

    Hello there.
    While i was browsing i found this piece of code

     #include <stdio.h>    
      COORD coord={0,0}; 
     void gotoxy(int x,int y)
    I would appreciate some info on this line
    --->COORD coord={0,0};
    Is it just a struct?
    Is it defining a struct?
    Is this --> coord={0,0} a way to input data to a struct?
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    COORD is the type (it could be a struct)
    coord is the variable name
    {0,0} is an initialisation list.

    If it is a struct, then the first two members of the struct will be explicitly initialised to zero.

    If it is a struct with more than two members, all remaining members will be implicitly initialised to zero / '\0' / 0.0 / NULL (according to the member type).
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    COORD is a struct. We know this not only because union doesn't make sense, but also because the member access is dotted:


    While it's been a long time since I initialized a struct this way, it looks right. You'd use data of the correct type in the order left to right within top to bottom to initialize members.

    COORD coord; /* sufficient to define a struct */

    windows.h probably contains (or includes)

    typedef struct coord {
    int x,y;
    } COORD;
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    No, it's not defining COORD, since that's already defined elsewhere; ie, in windows.h.

    Why not Google for it at MSDN (MicroSoft Developers' Network)? Or open windows.h and do a find? Though it's likely that it's in another header file that's #include'd in windows.h, so you may need to grep for it in the INCLUDES directory. Or why not simply look it up in your IDE's help file? Any of those methods would have yielded the answer to your question much more quickly and reliably than posting it on a forum.

    BTW, it is a struct: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...(v=vs.85).aspx
    But then you should be just as capable as I am at using Google.

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