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    how to run turbo C on windows 7, 32 bit without dos box ??
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    > how to run turbo C on windows 7, 32 bit without dos box ??
    How to replace your tutor with someone who has a clue?

    Seriously, we're pretty much done with supporting fossilware like TurbidC.

    Pester your tutor, and let THEM feel all the frustration of supporting that ancient s/w on your modern OS. Perhaps then they might stop clinging to the past and actually start teaching something relevant for when you finally enter the workplace.
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    it will work but not in fullscreen mode in win 7 ...but still if u insist you can try in xp mode
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    What do you mean by "DOS box"? In Windows this usually refers to the 16 bit subsystem that provides a virtual environment for 16 bit code to run. Windows 7 32 bit retains this capability, and will run such code.

    Another way to run 16 bit code is to use a full VM environment such as VirtualBox, Virtual PC or VMWare and install a full version of MS-DOS (or a DOS clone) on to it.

    Either way 16 bit code will not run natively in a 32 bit environment, you need some sort of virtualisation. The only way to run 16 bit code natively without virtualisation is to boot directly into MS-DOS/DOS clone. You can set-up your system for dual boot or use a boot disk or USB stick. There are few advantages however, and many disadvantages unless you are doing low-level hardware programming.

    There are a number of more capable free 32 bit compilers however; why would you not simply use one of them?

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