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    Gmake option to list all compil time error in onego


    I am compiling a CPP code written in SUN CC 4.3
    with SUN CC 5.8 with compact=4 option.

    I am getting many compile time issues.
    I would like to list all the compilation issues at on go
    so that i can think of better solution.

    I am using -i option but it is not listing all

    Is there any i could accomplish this??
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    Keep reading the manual page perhaps?
    Originally Posted by man page
    -i, --ignore-errors
    Ignore all errors in commands executed to remake files.
    -I dir, --include-dir=dir
    Specifies a directory dir to search for included makefiles. If several -I options are used to specify several directories, the directories are searched in the order specified. Unlike the arguments to other flags of make, directories given with -I flags may come directly after the flag: -Idir is allowed, as well as -I dir. This syntax is allowed for compatibility with the C preprocessor's -I flag.
    -j [jobs], --jobs[=jobs]
    Specifies the number of jobs (commands) to run simultaneously. If there is more than one -j option, the last one is effective. If the -j option is given without an argument, make will not limit the number of jobs that can run simultaneously.
    -k, --keep-going
    Continue as much as possible after an error. While the target that failed, and those that depend on it, cannot be remade, the other dependencies of these targets can be processed all the same.
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