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    Starting an open source web browser dev

    Hi im starting a new project - an open source web browser called LightningWeb. I'm developing it using xcode on my mac and if you like to join my team feel free to email me: pangn(at)wellingtoncollege.org.uk

    the website for now is: thelightningteam.blogspot.com

    Please tell me how I can collaborate my sources to other team mates. Thanks for the replies.

    Thanks a lot
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    First, I suggest you read this
    In particular
    Eric Raymond observed in his famous essay "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" that announcing the intent for a project is usually inferior to releasing a working project to the public.

    It's a common mistake to start a project when contributing to an existing similar project would be more effective (NIH syndrome). To start a successful project it is very important to investigate what's already there.
    To aid you with the last point, read this
    As well as noting the sheer number of browsers, you also need to take in the number of different technologies and features that one expects from a working browser (as opposed say to a proof of concept HTML only renderer).

    And that's before you even get into all the security issues that complex internet-facing applications have to deal with on a near daily basis.

    Not to put you off or anything, but showing up on a forum (and with your first post) with just an "intent" to do something which has been done x times already isn't likely to gain a lot of support. Can you for example point to past project successes?

    > Please tell me how I can collaborate my sources to other team mates. Thanks for the replies.
    Create it on sourceforge (there are others like it, if you google for them).
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