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    Scanf problem

    Hi All,

    I've compiled a program that does some math and asks the user if they want to do another calculation at the end (the users response sets the true/false condition (Y or y for True and any other key for false) for the while statement.

    The scanf that reads the users selection is not working, when I have it set to %c for ASCII it just skips that step and ends the program. If I have it set to %d it stops and prompts the user to enter the value, however when a value is entered it goes into a runaway loop.

    Not sure if the problem lies with the scanf or somewhere else, any help appreciated.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>

    int main (void)
    //constants definition
    const float MOW_SPEED = 2;

    //variables definition
    float length, width;
    float mowingArea, mowingTime;
    char select = 89;

    while(select == 89 || select ==121)
    printf("Please enter a length between 10m and 30m: ");
    scanf("%f", &length);
    if(length > 10 && length < 30)
    printf("Please enter a width between 5m and 20m: ");
    scanf("%f", &width);
    if(width > 5 && width < 20)
    mowingArea = length * width;
    mowingTime = mowingArea/MOW_SPEED;
    printf("The time needed is: %.1f\n", mowingTime);
    printf("\nPress Y and enter to do another calculation or any other key and enter to exit.\n\n");
    printf("Error: Width out of range\n");
    printf("Error: Length out of range\n");
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    This just answered in another thread

    Take time to check out the use of [code][/code] tags as well.
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