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    Ascending order of corresponding numbers, not lexicographic.

    Please help me.. i need c language program.. plz help me.. tomorrow is my interview..
    Suppose numbers are represented by strings,
    eg. "117823" is "one one seven eight two three".
    We provide positive numbers in this string format, separated by newline,
    followed by "nil" as the terminator.
    Please sort and output in ascending order, again followed by "nil" as the
    terminator. (Ascending order of corresponding numbers, not lexicographic.)
    Sample Input
    six one six
    one zero zero
    seven seven seven
    zero one
    Sample Output
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    If you can't answer the interview question, you shouldn't get the job! What makes you the people of this board, most of whom are professionals, would give you a program allowing you to get a job for which you're not qualified? Do you think we want you getting hired by our company, sitting next to us and asking us to do your work for you when we have our own to do?

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    • jakotheshadows agrees : I'm not a professional yet, but when my time comes for an interview I shouldn't miss out on an opportunity because someone successfully "cheated" on their interview questions.
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