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    Numerical Vector Movement Problem

    Hi there

    I hope I am in the right forum for this. I am searching the web for some time now to find the right piece of code for this two dimensional numerical vector movement problem.

    At time 0 I have 2 movement direction vectors of 2 objects which are unaffected by themselves.

    At time 1 the vector then start to attract themselves with some given force F and movement from time 0 should be numerical implied in time 1.

    So in math it looks like this:

    S_1n = W_1n

    S_2n = W_1n + W_2n + F_1n

    -S_1n beeing the way of the n object makes at time 0
    -S_2n beeing the way of the n object makes at time 1
    -W_1n beeing the direction vector of the n vector
    -F_1n the attraction of the n vector

    Thank you in advance for an answer.

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    My first thought would be to use something like this
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    The sum of all forces on an object equals the time rate of change of its momentum. Unless it's a photon, it has mass. You need mass in your equations!

    For photons, p = h \nu / c . The frequency changes as the photon moves through a gravitational field. Gosh, and where does the energy go/ come from? Or does the rate of time change for the various observers? Dunno, I didn't take the general relativity class.

    However, explain weight. Why didn't Mr. Einstein consider this? Clocks run at different rates at different gravitational potentials. Clocks run differently between your head and feet. Causing the gravitational force.

    Don't trust my poor interpretation. Read the original:

    Mark Lawrence, Quantum Time
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