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    Using sscanf for tabs in c

    i have a line like this "1\t10\tfirst test\t/app1/test" with tabs as delim.
    i am trying to parse using scanf and store in variables.
    i am using below.

    sscanf(line, "%d\t%d\t%[^\t]%[^\n]", &slno, &testid, tname, tcmd);

    and when i try to print those variables slno and testid are getting displayed correctly but string tname and tcmd are showing as (null).

    Can you specify the correct sscanf in c?
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    It seems OK here
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
      char line[] = "1\t10\tfirst test\t/app1/test";
      int slno = 0, testid = 0;
      char tname[20] = { 0 }, tcmd[20] = { 0 };
      int res = sscanf(line, "%d\t%d\t%[^\t]%[^\n]", &slno, &testid, tname, tcmd);
      printf("Res=%d\n", res );
      printf("-%d- -%d- -%s- -%s-\n", slno, testid, tname, tcmd );
      return 0;
    $ gcc baz.c
    $ ./a.out 
    -1- -10- -first test- -	/app1/test-
    tcmd gets a leading tab, is that the problem?
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