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    Running a C# app at set intervals.

    I wasn't sure where to put this, but seeing as it involves a C# app, I thought I'd put it here.

    I used to run a windows dedicated server, but had to downgrade to shared hosting.

    A while back I coded a C# app. The app was fairly simple, it would load a webpage every 3 hours, but it would send a unique key as a query string each time. This was made up of a shared passcode plus the date & hour hashed together as an MD5 string.

    It was a simple security feature making the URL unique every time so only the app could load the page.

    Anyway, I was using windows scheduled task to run the app every 3 hours, 24/7, but with shared hosting I can't do that now unless I run the app from home, which just isn't viable.

    Does anyone know of a service that will let you upload and run a .bat or .exe file periodically?

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    So is it relatively easy for you to do something using this
    while ( true ) {
        ULONGLONG start = GetTickCount64();
        // do all your work here
        ULONGLONG end = GetTickCount64();
        ULONGLONG elapsed = end - start;
        Sleep( 3 * 60 * 60 * 1000 - elapsed );
    You don't seem to have anything else to do in your app, if it was just exiting and waiting for the scheduler to kick it off again.

    So you may as well sleep until the next 3hr mark, allowing for time taken already.
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