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    Amateur programmer... what should be my next step?!!!

    I've learned C/C++ at an intermediate level, and in the process of learning Qt through a textbook. I am also fluent in batch script.
    I have watched many tutorials on C and Qt, and have taken a class on C. But now I'm not sure what my next step should be.

    I'm currently reading a book on Qt and have planned to get AAS degree in something similar to CS subject this fall. But for the summer I'd like to keep learning.

    I want to be a desktop software programmer, developing business applications like Quicken or Excel, or whatever is in demand outside of game-development for desktops.

    I'll start my classes again in late September but I want to take it to the next level until then. Where should I turn next? Should I get together with a dev team in an apprenticeship, or what? Or learn another language? Or keep learning C and Qt?

    I'm not confident enough to take on project by myself, outside of batch script projects.

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    > I've learned C/C++ at an intermediate level,
    I would suggest that if your goal is desktop application software, that you focus entirely on C++. Qt seems to be centred around C++ (although it has other language bindings).

    You're also some way off being intermediate at anything, given your recent question history. You need a year of solid programming experience in the field (not just book reading and doing exercises).

    A C++ book list

    If you want to get some real hands-on coding practice done, then look for an interesting project on http://sourceforge.net/

    Finally, you also need to learn some things about how to design software as well. You might be able to hack together a handful of classes at the keyboard, but when you have 100's of classes, you're going to need a different approach.
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