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    Need Help to write this program C++

    Student Mark and Grade System

    Write a program that is able to get input of name, student id and marks of 5 subjects
    (English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics). All the inputs are stored into array
    of name, student id and 5 arrays for each subjects. A particular student marks details shall
    correspond with the subscript/index accordingly (if student_name[0] the rests of the array
    containing his marks must be also at 0). All the arrays values shall be stored onto a file. The
    file can be retrieved for further operations.
    The program should be able to calculate a student current class of honours based on the
    CGPA obtained. The CGPA calculation is determined by using the GPA contributions for the
    five (5) subjects. Marks shall be used to determine the grade and grade can be used for
    determining the GPA contribution (Note: All the five (5) subjects are 3 credit hours). The
    total CGPA can be calculated with reference to all the GPA contributions (Kindly refer to the
    table below).

    Marks (Grade)
    80 100 (A)
    60 79 (B)
    50 59 (C)
    < 50 (F)
    Grade GPA Contribution
    A (4.0)
    B (3.0)
    C (2.0)
    F 0

    The final CGPA is then used for find out the class of honours the student is in:

    CGPA range.....Class of Honours
    3.5 4.0 ......First Class
    2.5 3.49 ......Second Class
    2.0 2.49.......Third Class
    Below 2.0........General Degree

    You are required to create menu and operations for:
    1) Add Student and Marks
    2) Search Student details
    3) Search Student and Calculate CGPA
    4) Edit Student details and marks
    5) Display all students in the File inclusive of CGPA calculation
    6) Search and Delete Student Record
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    Mmm, you must have a different dictionary to everyone else, because help usually suggests that the person asking for help is making some actual contribution to the effort.

    The only thing you've managed to do is dump your assignment on us, expecting a complete answer on a plate.

    Here's the deal - put some effort in, then we'll help you.

    Otherwise, just drop the course, because you're never going to make it if you can't be bothered to make an effort on something this simple.

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