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    What programming language would I use to make a translating program?

    I want to create a computer program that will translate from English to Spanish and vice versa. So someone could type in a word, phrase, or paragraph and translate from one language to another. What programming language would I use to write up the code and then implement this program?
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    What will be your translation method? Use a Bayes net, like google translate's algorithm? All other silicon based methods stink.
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    Any language you like or perhaps one that is best suited to the translation algorithms and data source, or perhaps one that is supported by the libraries you choose to use.

    The question is the least of your worries perhaps; it is a non-trivial problem, a simple dictionary look-up is inadequate since natural languages are not consistent and have complexities of tense, irregular verb formation, grammar syntax, semantics and context.

    The simplest and most likely to be successful solution would be to use this, which is used with JavaScript, with Java bindings available from third-party code.

    BTW if you want advice on a suitable language, asking on a language specific site is probably not the best approach.

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