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    Red face Range of a data type!!

    Hi All,

    Tried to run the following program:

    void main() {
    int i;
    printf ("%d\n",i);

    It ran continously but than stopped at 1 and never terminates

    Q1 : Does it mean it will go upto the integer data type rang and than stopped why??

    Q2: Why it never terminates?

    Please help me to understand it.
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    Well (assuming numeric underflow is not an exception) I would expect it to terminate when it reaches 1 (indeed it does when tested).

    Try it with 'signed char' as the data type, if you're bored of waiting for 4 billion numbers to be printed.

    Also, fix the void main thing by using int main and a return 0;
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    "stopping" and "terminating" might be interpreted as the same thing! Explain what you mean exactly by "stopped".

    Did it continuously print "1" repeatedly or just stop printing?

    Were you running in a debugger with a break point set on the end of main perhaps?

    The code will do what you expect all other things being equal, so there is something you are not telling us in this report.

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