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    Unhappy Hi ... I'm new here and i need help with my assignment...

    i have assignment and i need some one to help me with it because i don't no how to start.

    For Engineering Programme
    Design a circuit which contains resistors, potentiometers and LEDs. You are also required to use switches together with the potentiometer to control the LED blinking and its blink frequency and record the number of times each LED blinks according to the potentiometer setting. Program the flow and logic of the circuit. Your program should be able to trace the number of time each LED has blinks and control which LED should be blinking.


    i. You are required to carry out extra research for your system and document any logical assumptions you made after the research.

    ii. Your program should use symbolic constants where appropriate. Validations need to be included to ensure the accuracy of the system. State any assumptions that you make under each function.

    iii. Your program must be modular, user-friendly using programming techniques that you have learnt. You may include any extra features which you may feel relevant and that add value to the system. The menus could be modified in order to facilitate more options.

    iv. There should be no need for graphics in your program, as what is being assessed, is your programming skill not the interface design. The marking scheme for the assignment has been provided so that you clearly know how the assessment for this assignment would be done.

    v. You should include the good programming practice such as comments, variable initialisation, naming conventions and indentation.
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    Your answer is provided by salem here: http://forums.devshed.com/c-programm...on-953320.html
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    Strictly the assignment says to design a circuit to do all that rather than write software. In which case you are either on the wrong forum or the assignment is really badly written and ambiguous.

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