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    What is c programming

    I'm new to c programming, I wanted to ask what is c programming for what do we use it, what software should I downland to use c language. what is PIC24. what are some of the basic knowledge I need before learning c programming
    thank you :)
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    C as a programming language.

    C programming is programming using C.

    C is a systems level compiled language. It compiles to native machine code. It is almost ubiquitous in that a C compiler is available for almost every processor architecture available. C has minimal run-time support requirements, so is suited to bare-metal (no OS) development and as a language for OS development itself.

    It was originally developed as a systems language (Linux for example is largely written in C) but is also used for applications development, though in that it is perhaps becoming less popular in favour of C++ and other object oriented languages.

    C remains widely used in embedded systems where it still dominates, especially in the 8 and 16-bit architectures.

    PIC24 is a 16 bit microcontroller (a microprocessor with on-chip memory and peripherals). It is manufactured by Microchip. PIC devices share some common architectural features but are not binary compatible across the range. Personally I find them quirky and a bit of a pain to code for, though PIC24 is better than its predecessors. You'd do far better to use an ARM Cortex-M based device that may cost no more, but will probably be faster, and have more memory as well as being better supported by development tools and boards.

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