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    Exclamation Hi I am new here need c programm exe file.

    Hi I am new here I want to learn c program need dwonload link.
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    I suppose you could read the sticky post at the top of the forum
    It helps to "see to program" before you can "program in C"
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    It beats me that with the entire Internet in front of you and the power of Google, you found your way to this forum but could not find a suitable tutorial or eBook!

    My advice when searching the Internet is to search for an answer to your question rather than searching for somewhere to ask the question!

    For the hard of Googling, let me help:

    The above links vary in style from terse academic to the rather more flamboyant. Pick one that suits your style of learning. Some (the first two) helpfully include on-line development environments so you don't even need to install a compiler, others discuss installing and running a compiler, while some just dive into code and assume you can manage to compile your code.

    I have deliberately avoided YouTube tutorials of which there are many. Self-paced learning is not well served by video, and the video quality is often poor, and the presenters inarticulate and tedious.

    Although an attractive idea, the online compilers lack any effective debugger. A debugger is useful when learning and essential when doing real development. Few tutorials discuss the use of a debugger which is a shame. Visual C++ (can be used to code in C despite its name) has about the best debugger available, and the Express Edition of that is free. Otherwise I would suggest Code::Blocks - it uses the GNU toolchain on Linux or Windows, and provides a visual interface to the otherwise cumbersome GDB debugger. All the tutorials I linked assume that you are building from the command line rather than an IDE - that may be useful for understanding what is going on with respect to the build process, but the technique is not built for comfort, and will not tell you much about building large multi-module projects.
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