I am looking for help developing BOARD18, a tool
for playing “18xx style” games via Email.

The BOARD18 game session for a particular game
will be used to display the game board and the
stock market for that game. It will run as a web
service accessed via the Firefox web browser.

The BOARD18 project and repository were created
on the Gitorious project hosting site on May 5,
2013. But I have actually been coding BOARD18 on
a part time basis since September of 2012. I hope
the project is half way to a pre-alpha release.

BOARD18 is being written using HTML5, JavaScript,
CSS, PHP and MySQL. I could use help in any of
these areas.

If you would like to help with the actual coding
of BOARD18, please email me a note saying who you
are and what you wish to work on. Or go to the
BOARD18 WIKI and request a user ID. By the way, I
also need help to put more content on this WIKI.

Finally I also need someone with git repository
experience to show me how to handle merge requests
(if and when I get any).

I can be reached at (rich at gandalf.ws) and the
project WIKI is at http://board18.gandalf.ws