Hi gays!
My name is Eugene. I am looking for a project related to computer security (am most interested in network security, anti-virus technology and reverse engineering), it may also be Open Sources the project or not (I do not care), BUT the project should be under OS Windows (project can be cross-platform).
I will be giving 4-5 hours per day for project work.
Briefly about myself that:
A student at California Institute of Technology.
I'm studying mathematics and computer science.
Perfectly familiar with programming languages (C/C++, Assembler and C#).
C/C++ - WinAPI, MFC, QT, GTK+
Assembler - (Driver Programming and Reverse Engineering)
C# - Microsoft Framework 3-4 and Silverlight
Last summer was on probation at Kaspersky Lab, in my work consisted of unpacking and viral analysis.
If you have an there is interesting projects in one of the categories listed above, please let me know: the.enegue@gmail.com or the.enegue@live.com