This is going to be a free project; none profit unless later on all project member decide otherwise. So Iím sorry but canít offer any reward past future paid modification or feature request by users.

Having said that, I am trying to get together a group which will create the first fully functioning TRUE avatar/doll maker system for a forum outside Gaia.

  • What is, or what do you mean by Avatar System/Mod?
    The simplest way to explain this and show an example at the same time is Gaia. It is an avatar which is created through a collection of items and if available effects, not unlike a character sheet in your typical game.
  • What will avatar creation be like?
    The avatar is created through multiple layers of images ranked and pre-positioned.
    First a bare figure model will be selected by a user form a selection of colors or whatever other options we can provide. Then other images will be placed in ranked or rather pre-ordered positions in the foreground or background. These images will include eyes, mouth, lips, and so on. The result will be a unique character for each user reflection themselves as they wish.
  • Unique with advantages?
    Not unlike games, admins some times what to inspire their members to reach certain ranks or achievements. This system will hopefully do this, and in turn reward such users! Each item will have a unique options and identification. Items may have preconditions which have to be met before they are available; that is, Admins will be able to preset which users can see this item in the creation/shop screen based on rank, achievements, or even special days.
  • Interaction with other mods?
    If possible, this mod/system should either come or interact with a shop/credit system. This will allow users to buy the avatars items instead of simply picking them at random without limitations. Increasing in site activity!
    Additionally, I have noticed most forums are using medal, achievement mods. So, if possible, items would have an option to reflect such a mod to be visible on such a precondition.

Any and all comments, questions, or ideas are more then welcomed!

Im guessing besides artist for the item data base, we will need PHP, AJAX, MYSQL, GD/imagemagick but its not limited to this

I have a forum system in mind for this project, but im sure it can be ported to another system once done. If you are interested please PM me on the forums, Thanks for your time and support.