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    Calling game developers of all types for algorithm project

    Hi there all,

    ~Part 1~
    Here's the background:
    Last year, I suddenly brainstormed a computer algorithm based on Einstein's equations and the human body. I didn't mean to do so, but it came to be rather rapidly. It's in the class of "procedural generation", which means it's "one of those" algorithms that would generate worlds, buildings, creatures, etc., by itself. I'd never entered into video game design before, which meant that I had to go about learning some programming languages, game architecture, API's, et cetera et cetera.

    ~Part 2~
    Here's what the algorithm does:
    -Does away with the vast majority of textures. I.e., most textures and lighting are generated realtime
    -Generates material-specific physics realtime
    -Greatly advances AI
    -Requires less memory and produces better results
    -Generates menus and level design by itself with small input in the initial code
    -Would allow a single developer or small group to create A-level games in much shorter time frames with relatively tiny budgets
    -Would allow things like city-creation where all buildings are actually traverse with intelligently generated rooms and furniture. I.e., no more pretty rectangles with texture mapping designed to look like real doors and windows.
    -Reduces polygon count while at the same time producing better curves

    ~Part 3~
    What I'm doing:
    -I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a website venture that is aimed at being a sophisticated video game portal of critique, some amount of game review, and most of all, a portal for myself to lead whoever wished to come onboard to mutually develop an open-source procedural generation algorithm set.

    ~Part 4~
    Why I need and want you:
    -While I know my way around game development quite well, I don't have a background in coding or actual nuts and bolts development.
    -What I wish to do is act as the "shepherd" of the process, sending out a formatted email every week, or just guiding the forum community, on the actual development. I would lay out the theory of the algorithm development, and those who come onboard would help put it into code and actual "life".

    ~Part 5~
    Why you should join:
    -It's free, and while I was going to patent this myself and keep it private, I decided on making a stab on making a "closed open-source" development community.
    -What's to lose? If you're committed, we can indeed develop this, and the rewards of a successful development of this algorithm set would be, if I may say, nigh revolutionary. You won't lose money, and you're a doubter, then you don't have to join at any rate. If you're an optimistic soul who's an indie developer or simply a single-man operation/coder, than...join the ship!
    -I would be in charge of the ebb and flow, so you don't have to worry about looking up Einstein's equations or figuring out what to do next.
    -Trust me. It works. If I had more coding background, I'd be doing this myself. Currently, it's being shown interest at an idea incubation center at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Because they'd make me move to the area, and I can't stand the area, I thought of doing something such as this. I am currently filing patent paperwork, but I want to make this, as I said, a "closed open-source" project.

    ~Part 6~
    Dos and don'ts:
    -DO give me a shout and come on board (the development portion of the site is password-protected) if you're a serious-minded indie developer, company, or single individual who would be willing to commit a managable, but not overbearing, amount of time to the project faithfully.
    -DON'T tell me that "this idea has been tried before and doesn't work", or "you don't know what you're doing", or other such things. I didn't come on here to hear that sort of thing. I can find 10 people outside my front door who will gladly be negative and pessimistic.

    And that's the rap. Comment below or shoot me a message briefly telling me about yourself and, if you look all ship-shape, I'll provide a username and password.

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    I hope i don't sound too persimistic and all, but you have some quite big claims in part 2. I am sure most people here have the same question: Do you have the data to back those claims up? Can you give us examples of results generated by the algoritm you discovered?
    If you have, please link them to the tread and i'm sure you'll get many positive responses.
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    Lol, wow, you get around.

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