1. What are your daily job duties and responsibilities?
What is your favorite part of the job? Least favorite?
Anything you would change?

2. Did you choose this job? If so, what influenced this decision?
Does anyone else in your family do this work?

3. Did you at any point consider a different career path? If so why?
Do you see yourself doing this work until you retire?

4. What were hardships, difficulties you had to face getting the job you have now? Such as school, money,etc. (If there are any)

5. Did your family support your decision to do this work?

6. Is the job what you expected it to be? Is it better than you imagined, or not what you hoped for? Tell me why?

7. Would you recommend others to this line of work?
Is the pay good?
Do you have benefits? Pension? 401K? Health/Dental Insurance?

8. Did you do anything else before you did the job your doing now? (Name your previous jobs)
Would you ever consider doing any of these jobs again?

9. What does the future look like for this career? Will there be more opportunities? Tell me why?

10. Is this occupation strongly affected by swings in the economy?

Feel free to add any other details about your job. Thank you for your time.