Kind of hard to fit what I want to describe in a title. =]

I am in the process of creating a page for people to sign up, view sign up's, and some more info will be displayed. This is for a sim racing league. I had someone help me create a php script that a user fills out a form that then gets logged into a database and displayed in real time in a table. This works all fine and well, I just now need to style it and integrate more into the page. The URL is temporary.

simrigs . com / carl

The developer I had helping me was short on time so cannot work any more on this. Plus, he knows little about styling.

If I could provide a design, would someone be willing to help? I plan to integrate Vanilla forums right into the page as well as some other media (images and videos).

Anyway, I appreciate any help anyone can provide. I want to have this done in a few weeks and would be near impossible for me to get this done alone in that amount of time.

You can reach me at