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Sorry if this message is somewhat off-topic., Inc., offers you web site design and software development services.
Our divisions specialize in:
1. Professional software testing and perform system, integrity, multi-platform, regression, stress, scalability testing and other kinds of software testing;
2. Software Localization Services. Translation into Russian and Ukrainan;
3. Web Site Design/Programming;
4. Software Design/Programming;
a. Crossplatform software creation;
b. Web-Windows software integration;
5. Content managment;
6. Databse programming and optimization.

Windows Program Contact for quote ($25 per hour)
E-commerce Solution Contact for quote
Flash Contact for quote
Web programming Contact for quote ($21 per hour)
Web Site From $649
Web Site Maintenance From $29 per month
Wed Site Template From $149
Web Site Hosting From $39 per month
Home Page Visual Concept From $189
Home Page Package From $569
Banner From $49
Logo From $189

Our Products:
- Fash games:
Karate School, Hockey
- Delphi programs:
Live Chat, Child Protect, Mass Messenger, Instant Messenger, Database convertor
- Visual C++ programs:
Network Filter driver, Print to Mail driver, Live Chat, File Uploader, File Downloader
- PHP scripts:
Auction, Mass mailer, Web Grabber, Web Search, Web Portal, Banner Exchnge, POP-UP exchange,
HelpDesk, Files Search Engine, GuestBook, Download Manager, Live Chat, Shopping Cart, Directory Protect
- Perl script:
Files Seach Engine, Banner Echange, SMS Messenger (With paid members), Shopping Cart, FTP Uploader,
Web portal, Mass Mailer, Shedule Mailer, MySQL back-up, Web Grabbers, Proxy Checkers, Chat, Visitors Stats, SMS Messenger,
Link Checker, Autoresponder, POP3 mail checker, Directory Protect.
- ASP:
Shopping Cart, Search Engine, Mass Mailer.
- Java:
Chat, Shopping Cart, SMS Messenger.

Several very popular products developed by the team are
sold on the web as shareware.

We seek partners with Western companies to undertake outsourced projects., Inc. has already had extensive 2 years work experience at U.S. and European IT markets. We have a staff of 20+ experienced
software engineers residing in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.


Valera Vlasyuk,
Sales Manager Development

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Custom software development and web design since 2000