I will pay $100 bi-weekly continuous for a good developer who will volunteer a reasonable amount of hours each week and that would like to join our small but growing team that has been redeveloping and improving the Supermodded version of YABBSE for more than two years now. We have accomplished several hundred different improvments over the original GPL YABBSE code base and have added numerous mods and corrections. We still however have a list of known issues that needs more expertise and dedication and we need a stronger base of developers. We have been working with the original YABBSE developer Lewis Media and have been allowed to continue redeveloping YABBSE with the Supermod alternative premodded package. The original aim of Supermod was to provide a free forum package that was allready premodded as we found consistantly numerous users had difficultys with applying mod changes to the php forum package. We also have found many of the mod creators developed mods that were not fully funtional or fully tested. Over time we have corrected many of the bug issues these mods had and we have also developed our own improved function coding for Supermod. YABBSE is now in the process of being scuttled by Lewis Media and they have moved on towards deployment of a entire new forum package. But we here at Supermod desire to continue supporting the YABBSE people who will not be switching.. There are many concerns and clear signs that the former YABBSE team members have abandoned the YABBSE user base.. It is our desire to continue the support and it is our desire to transform Supermod into a rebuilt and greatly improved full functional forum suite that will easily allow former any forum package users to cross over to Supermod. We have currently 350 some Supermod forum users and more joining every day. We are becoming reconized as a group that will go beyond the call of duty to support our users. We are reconized as a promising new forum package that if providing we can develop a strong reliable development team, we will ultimatly produce a superior far above all other GPL based forum packages. Will anyone here be interested in supporting a good cause? I will personally sacrifice funding to find and award a php developer who is top in his knowledge and who would have the willingness to help us solve the remaining 29 some issues we have listed in our ongoing redevelopment list. Please write if interested to wiziwig@comcast.net or visit the site http://www.supermod.org