Freelance Custom PHP/MySQL/Ajax/CSS/HTML/Wordpress programmer with 7+ yrs of exp looking for web development , bug fixing , script installation , customization jobs @ flat-fee / per-project / hourly basis

Hi All,

After long gap , I'm returning back to Devshed forums seeking projects & willing to serve clients .

Checkout my online portfolio linked in my signature to know more about my skill-sets , projects , client references & contact details.

Following are the type of small / contract jobs that I take:

* Creating Custom scripts
* Wordpress Installation / Customization / Plugin integration / theme integration
* Joomla Installation / Customization / Plugin integration
* phpBB Installation / Customization / Plugin integration / theme integration
* Paypal IPN , Paypal website pro integration
* payment gateway integration
* Member signup with email verification & login with session authentication
* Dynamic PDF File generation from the database information using FPDF libraries
* Command line processing of PHP scripts
* Installing CAPTCHA security code for the forms
* Google Maps API to display a location with pop-up info
* XML parsing to database
* CSV parsing to database
* RSS feeds using Carp
* Handling File uploads
* Generating statistics reports from the database values
* Generating Graphical reports from the database values
* Generating Excel download from the database values
* Working with complex queries in Mysql console
* Building application with SEO friendly URLs
* Installing MySQL , Apache , PHP , SVN , AWStats & software apps in linux boxes

I can also take up bigger projects with proper specification documents along with the UI/HTML prototypes.

As a verified Paypal Business member with about 70 seller reputation , I can accept Paypal & Credit card payments.

Also I can provide client references based on request

Please do contact me for further details , if you have any projects.