Hi there,

I am looking to form a gaming network/agency who specialize in the text-based gaming industry. As a company we will create games of our own, create our own engine, create features for other well known engines, create websites to do with the gaming industry and also build people custom games.

There are a few site ideas I have in my mind already for the company to start and create and I want our first money making website up within less than 2 months. A logo for the company is currently being constructed but I think it wonít be fully finished for another week or two as I am just throwing a few things together at the moment.

I will be able to fund all the initial charges for the company including hosting, domains, marketting and so on up to a certain cost as I am not made of money and will keep on covering the charges until the company is able to pay for its own costs.

My role within the company will be graphics designer, content/creative writer, team leader, financial accounts manager & marketing manager. I have experience running games, creating games and my main skills lie in Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML and CSS. I can design, slice and code full websites. I also have brief experience with PHP & MySQL. I have played games for around 8 years now, worked on them for 5 and have been staff on around 6 games and ran 3 so I know what it takes to run successful games and I know what players want as I am myself a keen player. I also work in business administration for a large satellite & CCTV wholesaler so I have experiences running large businessís, sorting accounts, finances, doing invoices, working with customers etc on a daily basis.

The roles in which are available within the company at the moment are:

-Graphics Designer:
-Must be comfortable with using Photoshop & Illustrator.
-Must be capable of creating full game layouts.
-Must be capable of creating animated advertisement banners.
-Must be creative and able to use their own initiative and creativeness to create designs for clients as we all know clients donít always know what they are exactly after and often expect the designer to use their creativity to do so.
-Would be a bonus if was capable of creating mascots.
-Also must be able to collaborate and work with another designer to achieve excellent results.
-Bootstrap and responsive design knowledge would also be a bonus.

-3 Web Developers:
-Must be comfortable with PHP, MySQL, MySQLi, HTML, CSS & Javascript.
-Must have some experiences with coding for games.
-Must be able to collaborate and work with another coder.
-Write clean, efficient, easy to read, well commented code.
-C# & C++ would be a bonus.
-Must be able to write secure code.
-Must be capable of fixing bugs and security issues within sites.
-Experience of working with and creating mobile apps such would be a bonus.

Everyone who joins now will be considered as a co-founding member and will be given 20% shares of the company. This includes 20% ownership and profits of the company and all of its sites. In the future if the company really takes off we will hire more but on a freelance basis. The company will have to be able to pay for itself before people start earning profit from it. Money will be sorted monthly in which any profits will be split between the members after all costs have been covered.

Feel free to post questions if you need more info, PM me for more info or if your wishing to apply for a position then please send me a PM with these details:

Role Applying for:
Sites you own:

Kind Regards,