Team Name:
Hagger Games

We are an indie game company trying to make it big (like most if not all indie companies). Hagger Games is a sister company of 7Kings Entertainment at the moment and are proud to be their sister company. We have ideas for four games though we're just making one at the moment to speed up development process.

Lost Cause:
Lost Cause is the current game we're working on. Lost Cause is based on the Vietnam section of the Cold War. There will be four characters to play as each with their own original storyline. You will be able to play in DirectX9, DirectX10 and even DirectX11! One of the many original planed features will be that you can play Russian Roulette. The genre of this game is a Psychological War Game. We are using the Esenthel Engine at the moment and planning to buy a licence to sell it (though Lost Cause may end up being free due to it being our first game).

Team Members:
Thomas Hagger CEO/Founder/Team Leader/Programmer
Jay Chaykovskyy - Concept Artist
Harry Traynor Modeller (Has done some 2D art for the game)
Nik McLeman Story Writer
John Obuchowski Music (Temporarily)

We're Hiring:
Voice Actors (0/10)
Voice Actresses (0/5)
Sound Artists (0/3)
Programmers (C++) (1/10)
Concept Artists (1/3)
Modelers (1/5)
2D Graphics (0/3)
Law Advisor (0/1)

Age Group
We are currently hiring people aged 12-18 (16-20 for the voice acting due to us wanting adult voice actors). PM me if you are younger/older than the age group you see here and your interested in becoming part of our team.

Contact Details
PM me for my contact details since I'm a new member to this forum and not aloud to add emails. Only do this if you are interested in joining.
At the moment you will work with us for free but it is POSSIBLE that it may be paid (not in the near future).


~Thomas Hagger, CEO of Hagger Games.