I wish to start a project, making a website which acts like a used car showroom site.

Basically, I've got the domain, server space, mySQL DB, JSP/Servlet enabled.

I wish to have a directory containing XSLT files which render HTML pages.

I wish to have a servlet which can accept URL parameters to determine which xslt file to use (&file=xyz even - where xyz picks up xyz.xsl) . Later I might want URL parameters to determine the type of cars to put in the XML from the DB...later...! &minprice=3000 %maxprice=1000.. But I can do all that using XSLT $params anyway.. Im just getting carried away. Theres not going to be that many cars.)

I also wish to have a admin web interface so someone can upload cars in to the mySQL db..with JPGs (either in DB or a folder - whatevers easier)

I'm pretty new to Java, but an an ok at HTML, XSLT and DBs.

I'd love to hear anyone that can provide me with some documents or articles on doing this..or any help whatsoever.

Many many TIA.