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    Need help developing PUYA 3d


    PUYA 3d.

    We are working on a Promo Web Player for everyone. It is a single and multiplayer web player. The Visual3d.NET Game Engine is great and a lot of the art is complete. All there is to do is Programming of the AI, Animation for Player Movement, and the Web Player.

    We are making a game on the Visual3d.NET Game Engine. We need a Lead Programmer. This is a recruitment topic for that.

    Positions needed:
    Visual3d.NET is Based off the .NET Framework so developers can do Programming they are familiar with including, C#, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Lua, and IronPython.
    • Lead Programmer.
    • Lead AI Programmer.
    • Animations Blendings Programmer.
    • Lead Destroy Scripts Specialist Programmer .
    • Lead Character Animator.
    • Sound Design and Music Specialist.

    Is there Pay for this project:

    This is a Hobbyists Project. We would like to make money from this project. We can pay you with if we profits. If you like Programming .NET this is the Project for you. If we complete the prototypes, and design the PUYA Islands and Complete it, players can pay us, and investors can pay us also.

    The game description and design has changed into something completely different than any info links you find online that are not PUYA 3d Official Game Documentation and the idea of the game is design into a more simple and also more complex game style.

    Info on the game:

    The game is a 3ps, and fps, realtime, Fast Action, Adventure, Single Player, and Multiplayer, and MMO like game. I design the game with a unique style of game play. There is a lot of AI in this game. The AI scripts would get intense. I designed the game to change Dynamically for how many players join a map, and or game server, and the AI also changes to match up, with the power of the players. Everything in the game is designed to change and mov with the players.

    Concept Model License by Jared and Lindsey Hodges.

    The game we are designing is in different Projects Prototypes. First, we design the Promo Game Play Prototypes. That attracts Developpers and Fans to the PUYA 3d Game and Game Engine Forums. The Game Engine Forums is at Visual3d.NET. We also can talk about development at puya3d.com and Unity 3d Game Engine Forums.

    The Design for the Promo Game Play Prototype is simple.

    We create a Tiny Island, and players fly in on Helicopters and Spawn in them, and the Helicopters Land on the Tiny Island with a single Palm Tree on it, they can destroy the tree, and any AI on the Island, and lots more of the AI and Trees Spawn and come to the Island to Destroy all of the Players. You know, Basic . Here is a detailed list somewhat of what we need to develop in the Promo Gaem Play Prototype.

    • Tiny Island Terrain surrounded by Ocean, Lots of Fog.
    • Palm Tree 3d Model
    • Helicopter Model with Interior.
    • Script Character Spawn into Helicopter.
    • Script AI Helicopter Paths.
    • Script AI Friendly to stand by and help Protect Helicopters.
    • Script Helicopters to Smoke and Explode.
    • Character Movement and Basic Game Play.
    • Script AI waves and Single Boss.
    • Script Player Friendly AI Capturing the Island with Flag.
    • Script Massive Wave of AI.
    • Publish Web Player.
    • Optional: Script Multiplayer and Integrate Very Simple Chat.

    [This is not your typical capture the flag, it simple shows the flag on the player Map that says to the players, all the AI is destroyed and this island is captures and you can spawn here at the flag instead of only in Helicopters. If Captured, in this prototype, we can just make massive waves of AI come as the other Island scripts and game play is not for this Prototype. The helicopters can just stay there and players just can just destroy more AI. We just want to show a basic demonstration of how the game works. We can build the other Prototypes and Advance from there to more Tiny Islands and Advanced from there to the Large Islands and etc..]

    How the Promo Game Play Prototype should Play:

    Players Launch game into a server, the spawn into Helicopters that are most likely flying, and the Helicopters Land on the Tiny Island with a single Palm Tree on it, the players can destroy the tree making Fighting Sticks Items Spawn, and they can destroy any AI on the Island. If the players destroy the AI, lots more of the AI, and Trees Spawn, and come to the Island to Destroy all of the Players.[/quote]
    In the next project if the Promo is complete, we make advancements and here is what the game continues as.

    The Players need to Destroy the AI, and AI Bosses, Make a Town by setting up a flag, and they jump into the Helicopters and fly to the next Island that is typaccally Larger, with Procedural Dynamic Tree and Terrain Creation by the Server. If they all the players all are destroyed the helicopters fly to the Island that is first or lastly Captured, while players are spawning in the helicopters, and, or, at the small town that is set up, which is any of the Flags that are set, and or the flag that is posted by the AI for example, and all of the AI that over takes the Island the players just try to capture, come overflow from that Island and follow the players to the Island the helicopters are flying to, and it makes a massive overflow AI and Player battle to try and fight off the AI from taking that Island also. You get the idea bassically, Each Island is diferent and larger, and, or, different, and there is a Main Large Island the can come to if they capture all of the tiny islands. More details on the Game Play Prototype can be provided after we design the Promo Game Play Prototype.

    In Game Concept and Lighting.
    3d Model.


    Quick Example of a few features.

    Each Island is different as larger, some sand, some rocks, and, or, some are grass. Each AI Character spawns different items, and each island has different AI Item Shop Characters, and AI that are attracted to the game. Players can play PVP, PVE, EVE, and Coop PVE, and more etc.. There are Item Shops like Bubbl Gun and Fire and Coal Items sent to a Game Item Shop Mechanic, can either make pile of Junk, or a different Item, a Flame Thrower. That is just a Example. Here is Another, Player Buys Molitov Cocktail at Item Shop, and Gunpowder, Coal, and the Mechanic Makes and Sents the player a new Item that isnt on the Item Shop for Example, a Gunpowder Grenade. Simple Power Up Your Arsenal Sound Plays and you know their is a new interesting item made etc..

    I do not know a lot about programming though I do know that this project is a complex game. If you know anything about programming we would like you as our Lead Programmer.

    Script in Common Programming Languages: Most tools require you to learn a custom scripting language to use their product. Visual3D Game Engine is based off the .NET framework and programmers conceptsprogram your applications in languages including C#, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Lua, and IronPython.

    If you would like, this is a link to the programming documentation.

    We have Licensed great Concept Art and 3d models for this. We also have Hollywood Productions Artists that design a complete Sound Tracks for the Game. So we are in the Quality Indie area of Development.

    I personally do a lot of the art, textureing, and 3d models. I can rig also. I do some of the concepts. So I am bringing something to the project.

    If you are interested in working with us on the project, you should note that any programming and scripts you do, you can sell commercially to people if you would like. There are some scripts that are more of a copywright to us that we would not like you to sell, though most of those are in other Prototypes.
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    I am working on the Sci Fi Scene, a Steam Engineer Scene, and Sci Fi Hawken like game for this. The Hawken game would show off a PUYA 3d Sci Fi Town. It is so large it is a game.

    this is the 3d Gui game menu for in game.

    here is a picture of the sci fi scene with vray.]

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    hey man this sounds interesting. i'm very good with artificial intelligence, i have my own logic which i've developed over the years. please check out my stuff on youtube and tell me what you think. you can search "rain scene particles" to see some particles i just made for my game.
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    Great. The Videos are exactly what I like for this project. You really know how to do quality programming. We dont need quality, we just need something to work with.

    We are working on a few project for investors. This project is a PUYA 3d Islands project for Visual3d.NET. If you would like to you can be our Lead Programmer and Lead AI Programmer on this project.

    If you would like you can work on Visual3d.NET Download it. If you like it and would like to work on this project just email support@visuald.net about beta testing and they can set you up with all of the source coding you need to get this project designed.

    If you like the engine you should post here that you are working on this.

    Islands Project.

    3d Modeling.
    Lead 3d Artist.
    All Basic Textured.

    Helicopter 3d Models.
    Character 3d Model.
    Character Clothing.
    Palm Tree 3d Model.
    Fighting Stick 3d Model.
    Creature 3d Model.
    In Game GUI 3d Model.

    Game Play Programming.
    Lead Programmer.
    All Level Design.

    Basic GUI Inventory.
    Basic Game Play, Physics , and Combat.
    Basic Weapon Mounting.
    Basic Movement Animation Overriding.
    Basic Hand to Hand Combat Game Play.
    Design of Tiny Island with Single Palm Tree.
    Design of Basic Destroy Script for Palm Tree and Spawn of Palm Tree and Stick Weapons.
    Helicopter Spawn, Character Spawn, and Creature Spawn.
    Basic GUI for Click to Spawn and Multiplayer Chat.
    Publishing Preview to Web Player.
    Publish Project Files to AI Programmer.
    Note: Design all Basics and send to AI programmer to create AI Game Play.

    Lead AI Programmer.
    All AI Programming
    Basic Player Character and AI Animation Overriding.
    Basic Game Play AI and AI Combat.

    Lead Animator.

    Character Studio Biped.
    Creature Biped.
    Basic Player and AI Character Studio Biped Movement Animation.
    Basic WSDA Movement.
    Basic Game Play Animation.

    Basic Player and AI Character Studio Biped Hand to Hand Combat Animation.
    Basic Combat.
    Stick Combat.
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    i will look into it

    ive been busy with my game lately but i am looking into your project further. i may be free in the near future. i will contact you in a week or so. thanks for the invite

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    This is a Steam Punk Model I design all on Skethup with Vray for Skethup.

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