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    Need Help with this project

    Hi im looking for someone to make me a windows replacement shell, I want all what windows XP dose but its programmed in visual basic 6.0, I want it to look deferent then windows and i want to be able to add icons to replacement shells desktop and have a add and remove program built in and i want a programming languages that will let me program software just for the replacement shell and i want a deferent file system just like windows uses exe i want to us something like xbn or something its up to you how it can be done i have a replacement shell made that i found on planet source code, but it has everything i want in a replacement shell but a programming language, and i want to have a text editor in the program that i can type and i then it asks me to save to the replacement shell desktop. And i want an add remove program so i can add games and software to the menu. Like windows the start menu is on the bottom i want a menu on top of the screen so basically i want to replace windows explorer or reducing it. I want everything that windows dose but programmed in vb6.0. IM a programmer my self and i just don't have the time to do this. And i want a Recycle Bin so i can throw stuff away just like windows and a Ctrl alt delete to close windows if not responding. And have its own background program to change the background and menu button. So basically all most everything windows has, just tell me how much it will cost i will pay really good if this gets done just like what i asked, But i uploaded a project i found of planet source code and its really nice just need some more stuff added to it, Oh and one of the biggest things is i want the windows to look deferent not like Microsoft windows with the x button an the - button i want it to be Yankee. And one of the biggest one is a programming language to make programs just for the replacement shell, i do not want any windows that has to do with Microsoft windows, just like when you open a file you have to us Microsoft windows to find it I want that to be on its own not using any Microsoft windows commands and stuff like that. If you want more info on what i need done please tell me and i will try to explain as much as i can thanks for reading my post.contains all the main Windows Desktop elements, like Desktop, TaskBar, Tray, Main Menu, DDE
    with its own Control Panel, tasklist, etc, and most of it can be skinnable though the interface and applications, and utilities filemanager Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointing Device and system monitors, a clock, a task module a 3D desktop replacement a natural way of extending the classic desktop metaphor future platform for 3D applications provide easy manipulations and navigation Internet browser, add remove software, and add icons to desktop more coming soon still righting it.
    Here is my projuct in a rar file, you would need to Ok here is the project. To oppen it and run you need to click on EShell.exe you might have to rebuild the projuct. theres a tutorial. And you need to extract, put it in C:\vb\EShell Beta 2. Oh and sorry i fugot to put the text editor in it, If you want i can repost it. And Here are some pictures.

    If you need the projuct go to planet source code and search for EShell Beta 2 I tryed to upload it but the fourm wont let me.Or images so sorry
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