Hey everyone,

Couold anyone please help me with this? I need help with a school project I need to do. I need to create a program using a database (I am working with MS Works) to create a solution to the following problem;
The (imaginary) United Kingdom Awarding Body has asked you to design asystem for the monitoring of it'spost-examination re-marks.

If a centre feels that the grade awarded to a candidatefor an examination is much lower than expect, the centrecan ask for that script to be re-marked/ The UKAB expects all re-marks to be completed within three weeks.


For any script which a re-mark is requested, the following details need to be stored;

  • Candidate Name
  • Candidate Number
  • Centre Number
  • Subject Reference Code
  • Original Mark
  • Re-mark mark (whether changed or unchanged)
  • Whether the centre requested the return of the script

I have also chosen to include the following details;

  • Date for the script to be completed by (3 weeks deadline for all scripts)
  • Whether the script has been marked by the set date


For a subject the following details to be stored;

  • Subject Reference Code
  • Grade Boundaries for grades A - E and U

I have been given a table with these codes and grade boundaries which I can use.


The solution must be able to produce a hard copy of the following;

  • A daily list of any re-marks completed where a mark change has affected thegrade
  • A daily list of any re-marks still outstanding. i.e that have no been completed within the 3 week period
  • A list of re-marks that have been requested for a particular subject
  • A list of re-marks that have been requested from a particular centre


The solution must produce adocument to be returned to the centre giving the results of the re-mark. This document should display the UKAB logo (I have a copy of this). The following details should also be included in this document;

  • Centre Number
  • Candidate Name
  • Candidate Number
  • Subject Reference Code
  • Original Mark
  • Original Grade
  • Either the re-mark mark and grade, if changed, or a sentence to say there has been no change

So much to do. I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me as this project counts for my final grade. If anyone can help, can you please pm me, post here or email me sungiesarang[at]hotmail.com (replace the [at] with @)

Thank You!