Good morning,

I have come to the point now where I realise that I am no expert in Java. I have been building parts of a larger Image Processing program using MATLAB for some time now, but there are limitations with MATLAB. I have been advised to try to re-develop the code in Java.

I would have refused to do this had I not recently come across a middleware app called "Processing" which is ideal for image processing. However, some of the modules I am trying to envisage are still beyond my skills, hence the forum post.

I'm trying to create a module which will look at the pixel array data along a certain line, within the image and append this RGB data to a new array where it can then be analysed seperately by a rules-based system.

The line of interest is created by mouse clicks (start and end of line) by the user on the image to indicate the given region of interest. The hypotenuse of the line between these two points is used, the coords are then used to exrapolate the RGB pixel data along this line, which is populated in the array.

I can calculate the hypotenuse but am finding difficulty to see how to relate this to the image array I have in memory. (parsed and stored as a data 2d array).

I have some pseudocode I am happy to share, but would love to hear from anyone with some free time who can help out.

Kind regards,

Matthew Bennett