I am looking for a small team of web developers to create professional looking websites for paying clients. All members will contribute what they can to each project. This will be regarded as a free-time job for extra money. I am looking for people with experience and a knack for professional and efficient design. All members should have the software they need and some free-time to help contribute and plan for each project.

All members will be paid via PayPal or check by mail after a client has paid and according to how much work they were able to contribute. The team will communicate via AIM, MSN, or Email and possibly a team forum.

If you are wondering about me, I am an artist / webdesigner with Photoshop and Dreamweaver experience. I am currently attending college, which is why this is a free-time project as of now. I feel I can bring a team together and make it successful if I can find the necessary talent. I will be paying for hosting and a domain for the group.

With that said, here is what I am looking for:

(1) Artist - You should have Photoshop and web graphics experience. A strong portfolio of logo and interface work is the best way to apply.

(1) Flash Animator - Must have excellent grasp of Flash and animation development with sample work online.

(2) Programmers - Must have PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript experience. XHTML is a big plus but not required. Should code with a good layout and full commenting.

(1) Layout Technician - Must have experience with Dreamweaver or other commercial grade WYSIWYG editor. Strong grasp of tables, layers, and good layout principals is required.

To apply send me a short bio with work samples to the following address: terraboy@noln.com

Thank you for your time,
Steve Ott