I am searching for a honest Partner, a web developer who is an experienced programmer that understood how cycler matrix works especially with software from rollersoft, to help design the website and customize it, develop and maintain the project websites database, and to partner with me in worldwide projects that focuses on helping people at the grassroots to maintain good healthy living and empowerment. My Partner will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with the company before we discuss the website programming and other details. I hope you understand why?

The project is in form of a business opportunity and I will be willing to discuss your terms and we compare.You may decide to partner on a part-time or full time basis after the terms are discussed.

The project will be reaching the world with the message of self-sufficiency and freedom from abject poverty so this is an opportunity to contribute your own quota in helping humanity. Please don't pass it up.

Kindly indicate your interest ASAP so we can forge a mutual relationship as we plan to launch by October 2011.

Thank you while awaiting your kind response.