Hello, my name is Jim DesRoches. I am currently searching for a programmer who is willing to take on a large project and become a percentage based partner in a site that I believe will be very popular and even more profitable. I am looking to forgo up to 35%, which will work out to be quite a lot if the site works out the way I plan. The site will include an auction script and have username/password profiles. I have a 16thousand dollar dating service that I would like to convert into what I am trying to get accomplished. The site was built in ASP. I figure this can save a lot of time on coding and graphical work. While I cannot disclose too much information about my idea, I do urge you to contact me to hear me out. My idea is great and will become large. My contacts are as follows:

AIM - texstazy
Yahoo - texstazy
MSN - jimdesroches@hotmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon, don't let this opportunity pass :idea: