Hello there.
Ok, for a change let me post some payed work in this forum Company I work for is looking for web designers/devs - if you're in mel or around somewhere you're welcome to drop a line.
Web Developers

Two required - Full Time

Job Description: Excellent opportunity for 2 motivated web developers with an eye for SEO work and the ablity to build search engine friendly web pages.

Requirements: As an applicant you will be able to quickly hand code cross browser HTML that also works in various screen resolutions. Javascipt knowledge is an advantage, but you will be able to adjust and correct existing javascript code for the continued functionality of forms.

You will have the ability to create, edit and adjust simple website graphics for templates. A sound knowledge of creating pages that are friendly to search engines is imperative. The position involves alot of front end work, with browser functionality, user friendliness and search rankings in mind.

You will need to demonstrate an ability to create fast loading pages using the above mentioned skills, that run entirely from CSS. Self taught, self motivated hobbyists that have existing home based sites are welcome to apply. All applicants will need to provide an example of previous work, and will be required to participate in a 30 minute HTML test, in notepad, if interviewed. Base/entry wage applicable. Graphic based or WYSIWYG coders need not apply.

Please contact: leonard@trellian.com
Couple notes: This is small, privately own company which pays well and has the best working atmosphere possible. Or I wouldn't be here. Flexible hours, convinient location, great team. Lastly, len!=AlCapone, hence you'll be talking to another guy.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here.