Team name:
The Arcemu Team

Project name:

Brief description:
Arcemu is a FOSS MMORPG server framework, written in C++, that has been in development for almost 3 years ( with all the defunct predecessor projects it has been in development for longer, ever since 2005 ).
Arcemu currently can only function with an older version of a popular commercial MMORPG's client, that was made possible by clean room reverse engineering ( note to moderator: this is legal even in the United States of America ).
Arcemu has an event based AI system, which is programmable using the database. Optionally this is extendable using plugins and Lua scripts.

Target aim:
Arcemu is a FOSS ( Free and Open Source Software )

As Arcemu is a FOSS, the project has no regular income. Nevertheless if the software becomes good enough, we might be able to provide paid support services, or something else that might generate income. In that case of course it will be divided among the team, based on performance/activity.

Arcemu is a cross platform software, it has been tested on the following platforms:

Windows XP SP2
Windows Vista
Windows 7
CentOS 5.5
Ubuntu Server 9.10
Ubuntu Server 10.04
Ubuntu Server 10.10
Debian GNU/Linux 6.0
Debian kFreeBSD 6.0
FreeBSD 8.2
OS X 10.6.6
OS X 10.6.7

Arcemu was written in the C++ programming language.
Arcemu uses CMake as a build system.
Arcemu uses Subversion as a version control system.
Arcemu depends on and uses OpenSSL, PCRE, and zlib libraries.
Arcemu uses mysql version 5.x as a database backend.
Arcemu has a C++ based plugin system. One of the official plugins acts as a Lua interpreter, providing Lua entity behavior scripting support and more.
Arcemu has a real time collision detection support ( used for visibility calculations )

Talent needed:
Arcemu is in need of developers familiar with the following

The C++ programming language
Multi-threaded programming
CMake build system

The above are REQUIRED for ALL candidates.
We could also use people with expertise with either or all of the following

High performance network programming
Real time collision detection
Path finding

Team structure:
Due to Arcemu's FOSS nature, people come and go, currently we are very low on staff that is why we are recruiting.
We have at the moment, an administrator ( who is also the creator / owner of the project ), and several part-time developers with more or less time available to be spent on the project.

www dot arcemu dot org

Please contact us, using the community forums accessible from the website, or using IRC, which is also accessible from the website.