I am interested in setting up a system for people to prepay for ringtones (games, wallpapers and other mobile content) and then go to a wap site with a code and download the mobile content.

The system would work like this:

1. User goes to a store, pays for mobile content.
2. Cashier enters through website the phone number and the ID for the content. (each store will have an account with credit added to it. Everytime a purchase is made, the credit decreases, if store does not have enough credit, it will not allow the purchase)
3. System generates a Unique ID for the mobile phone and mobile content.
4. The User goes to wap site (wap.whatever.com). In the wap site user has 2 fields, 1 phone number, 2 ID.
5. user enters phone number and ID and presses download.
6. The system checks for ID to match with phone number, then checks the content ID to allow the download.
7. Before processing the download it has to check what type of ringtone the mobile phone supports.(This knowledge is crucial for me to consider you)
7. Once the download is complete, the unique ID is blocked so no one can use it anymore.

If you have the skills to deliver a project like this, please post on this forum so I can contact you.

Thank you,

Eric Michiels