Perhaps you are interested in my project?

please let me know if you are...i will copy and paste below my requirements... let me know if this sounds good to you, i can get you paid in a couple days...What would you charge? PHP TEAM NEEDS TO BE IN USA AND MUST BE RATED BY DUNN AND BRADSTREET...This site will be done on a dedicated LINUX server.

Kind Regards,


AIM Y! MSN: Loopwisechat

Work Agreement
Listed below is the scope of the work. Agreed between both the parties.

1. Customized OSCOMMERCE solution with details stated below.
2. Adjust the look to fit my exiting site at www.e-lixirweb.com/loopwise/
3. Setting up PHP BB
4. Setting up banner system with rotation and admin to add and delete banners from phpadsnew.com
5. Minor customization of songwriting contest (details below)
6. Minor customization of songwriting contest to create a new MUSICBEDS.htm page where mp3ís will be setup in a list fashion with emails next to each.