Hello all,

I really need help in my Advanced Object Oriented Programming class! We are coding in C++ and we are to create a program that creates a weather station. if you press '1' you input the temperature, wind speed and direction; if you press '2' if will give you the current weather reading; if you press '3' it will give you the weather history; and if you press '4' you exit. Also, it reads the outputs from a text file and outputs them to the console...I have that all working correctly. The problem i am having trouble with is we are to overload the stream (<< and >>) operators so we no longer have to call the print() function. Previously, i called the print function to print the current weather reading as well as the temperature history.

Now, I am looking for a someone with enough experience to take a look at my program and show me what i am doing wrong and help me to fix it. I will pay very generously by the hour.

I'd prefer a face-to-face session (i live in New Jersey), but i am open to a skype session with a remote desktop connection.

Please contact me here or email me if you are interested! I really need the session to be today (Wednesday November 13, 2013) anytime tonight after 6; but i can do tomorrow (Thursday November 14,2013) in the morning or anytime between 230pm-6pm EST.

Thank you,