I am wanting to start learning C++ and have been using the Bloodshed Dev-C++ enviroment. I am learn best by example and would like to start from a solid foundation of what I need and work up from there. I am looking for a good programmer that can start me out, and am willing to compensate them for good work with what limited funds I have.

I am wanting to contract out, for a small fee, the building of a database program that uses flat files for just one user. This user will use the database to run a simulation.

So, all I need is a program that can create, edit, and list data from different fields in a flat file. Hopefully in a streamlined process more so than what I, very much the novice, can do.

This is not for a commercial application, but I would be willing to put some funds towards a good foundation for my program.

Any interested parties can contact me at steve@barjek.com.

Thank you.