Seeking C++ and Assembly Programmers for a new retro gaming console system. You will work with ten team members and create a basic start screen, loading screen, etc for the console. Also you will be helping to program data for the games.

The system will be operating in 16 or 32 bit. This will be a kickstarter campaign for $175,000 for the first prototype.
All casing, controllers, accessories, etc will be custom made.

We have a 3D rendering rough draft of the system and a rough draft of a website.

Current team members:

1 - Animator, Modeler, Management
1 - Branding Artist
1 - Sound Composer
1 - Electronics Tech
1 - Pixel Artist
1 - Possible C++ / Assembly Programmer

PM me on here or email me at fayt (at) rodgame (dot) com