I am looking for a small group of volunteer programmers to help me build a social networking site geared toward the general audiences. The main focus and standard will be security and it will be the default.

Too many times social networks like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and many others, forget about security or just totally put the burden back on the user. The network I am building will put security back on the social networking site its self. Allowing users to not have to worry about setting security options to protect themselves as they will be set by default in completely protecting the user and his/her data. This social networking site will focus on innovation as well and integration.

I am looking for 3 or 4 programmers willing to volunteer to come on board in exchange for shares of ownership in the site.

If interested, you must know SOME:
PHP, MySQL, HTML, JQUERY, and any other programming language you feel that may be helpful.

Also if you can offer hosting, vps, dedi-server, or anything along this lines, I will strike a deal with you for shares of ownership in the site as well too.

If interested please post here or reach me on Skype at: bigdc1231