I'm Gerry Rzeppa, Grand Negus of the Osmosian Order of Plain English Programmers. I'm writing a book about compiler construction and would like to try it out on someone, step by step. So if you're a programmer who is interested in writing compilers, this just might be the gig for you. Not only will you learn all about compilers, but you'll be paid one dollar (via Paypal) for every intelligent question you ask about each step. I'm anticipating about 300 steps in all.

Some programming experience, a computer with Windows (any version), and a printer are required. Writing a compiler is not difficult, but it is tedious, so if you're not really interested in the subject, you'll never make it through.

If you're wondering what Plain English programming looks like, you can read about it, in our compiler's own words, here:


If you're interested in the gig, write me directly (gerry.rzeppa@pobox.com) and tell me a little about your programming experience and why you want to learn about compilers. Extra credit if you think the following joke is funny, and can tell me why:

"There are 10 kinds of people; those who understand the binary number system, and those who don't."

Thanks! I'm looking forward to working with just the right person...