Hi Everyone,

A new, exciting company is in the making and we are looking for a software developer and web developer intern to join us.

The role requires supporting the management with the development needs of the product. No previous work experience is required.

Software Developer
This person must have knowledge of C++/C#, SQL. Effectively, they will be creating the software that will run as potentially back office and front office. The front office software is displayed on a touch screen layout.

Web Developer
This person must have knowledge of XHTML/PHP/SQL. They will be fronting the development of the web service aswell as the company website.

This could ideally suite a candidate who currently does freelance design and looking for extra experience. The purpose is to build a reliable team who are passionate about launching this venture. The job is unpaid freelance. Once the company has launched, we will be recruiting for paid salary positions, and our interns being our first pick!

We are also keen to support the development of individuals.

Due to the nature of the project, we would stop expect you to be working full time, however, will be a part time project for all and the work can be completed from home.

Any questions, or to find out more, or if your interested, feel free to reply here or drop me a message.