So, I have been given the 'wonderful' duty of creating an application for my small company that streamlines much of our paperwork. Here is the scenario:

My company would like to store all of our customer information in a database. And when we make a sale, trade, or purchase it exports this data to EXISTING excel & word templates (invoices, purchase orders, etc) for us. Currently we handwrite many of the documents with much of the same information. This obviously takes up precious time.

My thoughts were to make it web-based (because we have 8 locations) so that they can go to our local intranet site and enter in the information and hit a button/link and it will print out appropriate paperwork.

The only given part about this project is that the backend database must be MS Access.

I am looking for suggestions on what sort of technology to use. Do you think I should build it in Access and then connect to Access via ASP? The key part is that they would LIKE to KEEP the current invoices that were created in Excel. But even that is probably negotiable.