I am wanting to build a website, I believe its done mostly in java (applets servlets or what i dont know)

I do know this. It would use something like


I am wanting to see this completed by the end of the year, and no sooner. I am not ready for it.

Basicly its like this. I have 50 people with Canon ES50's and a video capture card (like a tv tuner) webcam32 gets the image, sends it to the main server. those 50 people login to a special area, and they can see themselves in the web browser and they have a chat room with some admin rights, such as kicking someone out of there room or banning them (like irc) they can change there name change the color of there text. They can edit there "profile" and change there pictures.

If you want anymore information please send me a message AIM vwbugg66, yahoo copertop007 msn fluidlord@hotmail.com ICQ 83156581

PHP and MySQL help needed as well