Hello everyone,

I would like to present an idea for an open-source project implemented in Python.

The aim is to develop an RSS reader equipped with the following features:

- Download RSS-Feeds (fetching from Internet/loading from existing database, e.g. the one created by Akregator)
- Display the feeds using a well organized, simple to use GUI (KISS principle)
- function for searching, reading and rating feeds
- automatic rating of new feeds, classification between relevant and not relevant content (like in gmail, for example)
- feature to store and manage feeds locally

After some time, the system should learn the user's preferences in order to classify new feeds better and better.

Referring to my own background, I have to admit that I have not that much experience in writing python code. I have about three years experience in Java and C# and started to develop applications with python half a year ago. After some smaller projects I would like to get involved in something bigger ;-)

For me, it is quite important to form a small team of motivated people interested in the subject and willing to spend some time on building an application with a practical use.

The following qualities are of importance (at least three should apply to you ;-) ):

- basic understanding of python
- using Linux as your operating system
- knowledge in the development of GUIs (e.g. pyGTK & Glade)
- interest in artificial intelligence
- motivation & ambition to create a useful piece of software ;-)

If you are interested in participating in the project, please send me a private message or an email to stes94(at)ymail(dot)com

If there are further questions, please post them here or send an email as well ;-)