Project name: The Sims Online Restoration Project

Brief description: Our goal is to bring back The Sims Online. We are currently in development and are in need of more team members to help finish in the development and launch of TSO. If you have ever played the original TSO or EALand since it's initial release in 2002 then you are like us and we want you to be a part of restoring and recreating The Sims Online (which was shut down in 2008). If you have never played TSO yet still have free time and would like to get into the recreation of a much missed MMORPG from the ground up then contact us below.

Currently TSO Restoration's community currently has nearly 3,000 members with over 7,000 posts, and a small dedicated team of developers

Compensation: There is no compensation as this is a nonprofit project.

TSO Restoration's website can be found at tsorestoration(dot)com

Our needs are as follows:

•We currently need programmers with experience in either C++ or C# (or both).

•We also need talented reverse engineers/packet decryptors to help us reverse engineer file formats and packets which the game uses.

•Presently, we need help with the FTP/rsync patching server (preferably rsync, though FTP is okay; coded with C++), the update client (coded with C++, Win32 and platform-specific networking APIs), the isometric game engine (coded with C++ and OpenGL), and various other things including format research and rendering.

•People with knowledge of OpenGL will be especially important to the team

•If you or anyone you know who wishes to apply should either create an account here at TSOR and submit a development application in tsorestoration(dot)com/forum/index.php?/forum/14-developers-paradise/ or email Jonathan directly at codemonkeyjonathan(at)gmail(dot)com.

"All copyrighted content is supplied by the user from his local copy of the game. What we produce is original code; and an online isometric game engine is not patented by EA."