Good afternoon everyone!

To make this quick and to the point, I am aiming to re-build a new control panel to offer freely to the community. I've been working with the ZPanel Project since its 2.5 days, and am now taking a step in a different direction. ZPanel is designed as an all-in-one package such as LAMP/WAMP. I feel this limits hosts way too much. If there is an issue in one area, the host does not have the option to add/remove single items to re-install.

My package, which the base is complete, will support meerly as much as needed. Instead of being forced to use a particular mail server, or FTP server, hosts will be able to install any one they wish freely, and select the matching module associated with that server. With the base being complete, other than minor additions here and there, I just need individuals who can write modules to work with services out there. The final page will offer the client an FTP module, but when the host comes to our site to select their module, they will have multiple FTP modules to select from, offering them the ability to use any FTP server software they wish.

Anyone willing to help out with this, please get in touch.
My name is Trip, and you can reach me at:
E-mail: Admin @
Steam: Triple_Nothing @
Cell: (262) 365-3097